Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I was so excited for Wishbone last night, I think I told everyone I met yesterday that I was going. Now I don't want to say it was a disappointment as it certainly wasn't, however I think I chose the wrong day to go.  I have visited Market Row and Brixton Village many a time however I think I miscalculated how cold we would be sat in a market unit as the UK began to plummet into a big freeze.

The only table available when we arrived was right by the shutters, squeezed in beside/behind a couple square on to us. This meant we lacked slightly in space on our table/shelf to eat off. Such a thing doesn't really bother me however as we were so cold and lacked a heater over us,  I asked the first staff member I saw if we could move when someone else left. Rabbit in the headlights is the only way to describe his response. I quickly retracted my request for the want of an easy life.

We deliberated whether to stay or not and I am glad we did as the evening improved at a rate of knots. Our lovely and attentive waitress was incredibly helpful when it came to numerous questions about drinks and food menus. With her help we decided to go for a alternative choice of cocktail - a Port Sour. Choosing Port > Egg White Wash > Straight up (See below). It was delicious and cheap - two of the most important components needed for a great drink.

We were then advised to order 2 chicken dishes and then 1 of the more carb heavy sides and 1 of the salad esq. We went for the Thai chicken thighs, the Buffalo chicken wings, deep fried mac and cheese, hot mess and a coleslaw (only to kid ourself's that we weren't just eating a heart attack on a plate and try to adhere to the advice we had been given). Now this is when I wish it hadn't been so cold as I would have been able to eat everything so much quicker if I could of felt my hands.

The Buffalo Wings were BIG wings marinated in a moorish sauce, I think we cleaned every bone dry. The Thighs though were so juicy they oozed fresh mint and chilli and I devoured over half before my date got his gloves off. Part of me wishes we had gone with our gut an ordered my meat and not filled ourselves on side however....

...they did kind of steal the show. Now I hope you visit Wishbone soon and agree with me on this; Deep fried Mac n Cheese needs to be on every menu. With the hot melted cheese seeping out the bottom, each bite was sublime. Then intertwine this with spoonfuls of Hot Mess (hash browns topped with blue cheese dip, mozzarella, pickles, and jalapenos finished with more cheese) and you could easily fall into heavenly carb induced coma.

You could certainly tell that Wishbone was the brainchild of William Leigh and Scott Collins (of the Meatliquor brand), from the alternative menus to the old school 90's hip hop blasting out of the unit and the buzzing atmosphere. Its such a hard combo to perfect and they managed to nail it, which was impressive especially in a small market unit.

I feel that the start of this post was slightly harsh on Wishbone however seating was my only issue with our visit and normally they do have the upstairs section open. This was only closed because they were down a member which also accounts for the occasional slightly frazzled one.

I do assure you though that we will be returning but maybe in slightly warmer weather.

Wishbone, Unit 12, Market Row, Brixton, SW9 8PR
Approx. £15pp with drinks and service

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