Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Seven at Brixton

Now, Seven at Brixton was not intended to be the next post and not in quite such quick succession to Wishbone however our visit was just as spontaneous.

After leaving Wishbone, we fancied a final nightcap and so wandered across the road to a very unassuming tapas/cocktail bar. Now I make it sound like we stumbled across it. This was not the case; in fact we have been trying to find an excuse to go for a while. With the promise of fantastic cocktails a £5 a pop, why wouldn't we?

You do have to try your luck with the lesser known named cocktails as there are no breakdowns but this was half the fun. My date went safe and chose a Dark and Stormy. I however decidedly to warm myself up after Wishbone and chose the Haute Toddy. I think I definitely won (if it was a competition that is-which lets not pretend, it always is when it comes to choosing food and drinks). Served in a glass beaker with a caramel biscuit as garnish, it certainly did the job with the perfect amount of amaretto to not be too it certainly warmed my cockles.

Make sure you venture upstairs into the small tucked away rooms to fully enjoy the charm of this tucked away gem. We loved this place and wish it hadn't been a Tuesday night when we couldn't enjoy it to its full extent. Pretty sure we will be returning to kick start our night this weekend in fact.

Unit 7, Market Row, Brixton, SW9 8LB

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