Monday, 14 January 2013

Flat Iron

So here it is. The first post of 2013. 

Aside from being MBFK first post, this was the first meal out I had had since our return from India. It soon became apparent what I had missed during our time away, as within a couple of days of our return I was so desperate for a succulent steak, Flat Iron was the only remedy.

Flat Iron, like many of 2012's new restaurants, has a No Reservation policy. Something that really gets my goat. I had therefore asked my other half to rush over after work and get us in the queue. However 5 mins after his arrival I received the following text - 'I'm upstairs, towards the back'. I nearly buckled down the curb. This was unheard of for a restaurant with such a buzz around it. This was one of many pleasant surprises on our visit to FI.

The next came as I entered; This place was so much bigger than it looked from the outside and it was already nearly full by 6.30pm. I found my dinner date exactly where he said he would be, on a fairly cramped table at the back. The seating is quite difficult to position yourself on and you do end up getting to know your neighbours very well, with the occasional elbow jab for good luck. Due to this, I wouldn't recommend here for a romantic, 1 on 1 meal. We however left that sort of date night behind long ago and were more interested in the menu and satisfying our carnivorous urges than staring longingly at each other.

With one thing on the menu, we ordered quickly. Steak it was, with sides of chips and creamed spinach. Served with Fred's sauce (a tomato based accompaniment with a slight twang). With a carafe of the spicy Italian Negromaro.

As you can see, they do not scrimp on the portions here. I think my iron intake was sufficiently replenished from this one meal after our 3 weeks with no red meat. It was cooked (rare) and seasoned to perfection and melted in your mouth. Accompanied by the right amount of sides for two, we couldn't have been happier and wished we could have had more (we were just too full to manage it).

Flat Iron continued to astound me all the way up until the bill arrived, on a incredibly heavy duty metal slab; for a moorish steak, delicious wine and attentive service, we we were only due to pay £38. We left for the cinema feeling incredibly full and pretty smug that we had found ourselves a slightly undiscovered new regular date night eatery.

17 Beak Street, Soho, W1F 9RW

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