Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Evans & Peel, Detective Agency

Amongst the throng of speakeasy's that have opened across London over the last couple of years, Evans & Peel's Detective Agency easily tops them all.

After wandering around Earls Court Road in search of the unassuming door, we eventually found the entrance. Disappointingly we bumped into people leaving as we buzzed in and so did not get to speak to our 'detective' prior to entering. As we arrived into his office, we were instantly quite confused. Unlike many other 'speakeasys' in London, Evans and Peel had gone all out and we found our selves transported back in time to a 1920's office, with no obvious entrance to the bar, and quite abruptly asked if we had an appointment by the dapperly dressed Detective behind the desk.

After confirming our appointment, he asked us how he could help? After my other half began to ask if we could have a drink and I saw the look of disapproval spread across our Detective's face, I threw myself into a story about my missing brother, surprising myself as much as my date. With the final question, 'Does he have an distinguishing features?', he thought it best to seek help from his colleagues and with the pull of a book on the shelf beside him, a bookcase then swung open into a buzzing, lowly lit prohibition bar. 

Noted at the bottom of the menu, The Detective Agency cannot serve alcohol without food and so although having filled ourselves earlier that evening we had to be served a small plate of bread and oil. The decor was a delicate mix of antiques and modern inserts, with dirty, cracked porcelain tiles behind the bar and furniture perfectly sought. We sat opposite other on a 1920's wooden desk and browsed their fairly extensive cocktail menu. The cocktails are all slight twists on old classics, and to die for. 

We only stayed for an hour, as it got fairly packed and sitting by the door slightly ruined the atmosphere for us. I would however wouldn't think twice to go back (we have already booked to go again) and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those who want to immerse themselves into the theme. 

Cocktails: Approx £9.50 Each

P.S If you wanted to go a step further, you could also join as a member who are given the opportunity to purchase one of the think wooden spirit drawers (£300 a year) behind the bar, in which you can choose a bottle of spirit to be decanted into an Evans & Peel bottle, wax dipped and sealed. Then return time and time again with your key to use your chosen spirit in measures and cocktails as you please.

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