Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Meat Liquor

So here is the promised return of MBFK. I promise I won't leave it as long again; life seemed to just take over. That does not mean however I haven't wined and dined myself in some fantastic places in the meantime.

Now it seems appropriate to return with a blog post about one of my guiltiest pleasures ever - Meat Liquor. This was my second visit to the haven of dirty cocktails (I still talk about the Cideritas from my last visit) and greasy meat and as rightly stated by one of my girlfriends, its a place you can only really go to once a year so you have enough time to work off the increased levels of saturated fat you consume before the next visit.

Having been open to about a year now, we had expected queues to have reduced significantly since our last visit at which we endured a 2.5 hour wait. However whether it be returning or new customers, our hour wait is a true testament to the funky diner and the fun that is waiting inside for you. You are however now rewarded for you patience and are served onions rings and fried pickles, two of the tastiest options on the menu. 

The dark, graffitied, dungeon like space you finally enter into, immediately invites you in to overindulge on drinks and food. To our disappointment though, Cideritas are no longer on the menu, and so we consoled ourselves the only way we knew how- by ordering 3 tankards of GROG (limited to 2 per person on ML's advice). 

After a 10min wait at the bar, we sat down at our table and immediately reeled off our meaty desires. 
1 x Chilli Cheese fries, 
1 x Slaw, 
1 x Buffalo Wings,
1 x Deep Fried pickles,
2 x Cheeseburger, 
1 x Mushroom Swiss.

Now how could we ever be disappointed with what turned up. Answer: We couldn't. My mouth still waters looking at this picture. We couldn't eat quick enough and our tray - YES TRAY - of food disappeared in minutes. The champion of the meal being the deep friend pickles and blue cheese dip (as per last time) however the burgers never fail to disappoint and they disappear so quickly the I think they must evaporate in your mouth.

The sheer demand in this place never ends and even at 9.30pm we were asked to move (in lieu of a free drink) to accommodate a larger group who had just arrived. Therefore leading up to finish our evening, rebelling against the recommended dose, with 2 more rounds of Grog.

Do not let the idea of large queues put you off, it is well and truly worth it and with more branches opening up across the capital; Meat Market (Covent Garden) and Meat Wagon (Hoxton Square - Set to open any day now); more of you can get drunk on their meaty goodness.

74 Welbeck Street, London, W1G 0BA

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